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Plan period: from 15/12/2023 

Scope ~ The charter scope encompasses a widely accessible and searchable repository of knowledge, serving as the foundation for a community-driven framework of evidence-based recommendations for enhancing strategic approaches, program operations, performance metrics, policies, and regulations. G3I encompasses a broad and ambitious scope, reflecting its transformative nature. The initiative involves the following four priorities and their scope ...

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Owen Ambur

Context ~ The government's ability to deliver value to its citizens is critically dependent on the holistic integration and alignment of its policies, goals, and objectives to its portfolios, programs, and projects. However, in its current state, there appears to be a pervasive misalignment and lack of coordination of roles and responsibilities across the Federal Performance Framework. ^^ [The] United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other government agencies have faced the challenges of implementing complex legislation such as the Evidence Act, Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), and Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA). These laws, often addressed in silos, have integrated effects on the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Agency operations. ^^ Understanding the complexity and impacts imposed on the governance of the entire APHIS portfolio continues to be the focus of the IVN Team. The IVN is introduced as a central governance model for all portfolio and program level governance requirements stemming from both the Program and Program Support domains. The working group will explore the intersection of these domains to build the data and analytics infrastructure that provides answers to portfolio, program, and project-level business questions. To that end, it will be imperative to leverage new information technology and skill sets to evolve data management towards knowledge management, supporting organizational decisions and capabilities.




Public servants and stakeholders in academia and industry co-create innovative, scalable solutions


To proactively identify and dismantle shared system blockers within government structures, fostering a collaborative environment



Collective Problem-Solving




We are dedicated to cultivating excellence and integrity in governance, empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable public service.

Public Service





Continuous Improvement



Goal Statement: Coordinate governance among portfolios of programs and projects

I. Integrated Value Network (IVN) ~ Establish the Integrated Value Network as the foundation for how we structure and align the Federal governance artifacts (laws, regulations, policies, strategies, etc.) in our organization. The IVN serves as the roots, aligning and informing various internal and external stakeholders, ensuring coordinated governance between our portfolios of programs and projects.


  • Strategies
  • Policies
  • Laws
  • Regulations

Decisions & Improvement

Goal Statement: Provide the foundation for evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement for program and project managers

II. Program/Project Management (P/PM) Data & Analytics Architecture ~ Serving as the core of our mission area coordination, this priority involves developing a unified data schema, ontology, and taxonomy, for portfolios, programs, and projects. This will provide the foundation for evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement for program and project managers.


  • Taxonomy
  • Schema
  • Ontology


Goal Statement: Create an environment driven by self-organization

III. P/PM Knowledge Networks ~ By far the most important component of G3I, the knowledge networks focus on creating an environment that is driven by self-organization to promote innovation through iterative best practice development, leverage new technologies to share knowledge as broadly as possible, and connect our exceptional P/PM professionals to mentor and coach one another through wisdom sharing.


  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Best Practices
  • Knowledge & Technologies


Goal Statement: Ensure that initiatives are geared towards producing tangible and sustainable benefits

IV. Benefits Realization Management (BRM) ~ Develop and implement a BRM Framework to ensure that all initiatives are geared towards producing tangible and sustainable benefits for the American citizens. This involves establishing clear metrics, accountability, and feedback mechanisms.


  • Metrics
  • Feedback
  • Accountability

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