Strategic Plan

U.S. General Services Agency Strategic Plan FISCAL YEARS 2018 - 2022: Real Estate | Acquisition | Technology | Shared Services

Strategic Business Unit

General Services Administration (GSA)

GSA has two main service lines, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Public Buildings Service (PBS), as well as, the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) and a set of staff offices that support the efficient and effective operation of the agency.

Plan Details

Plan period: from 01/10/2018  to 30/09/2022

At the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), we are uniquely positioned to help the rest of Federal Government best serve the American people. The better our agency performs, the more our fellow Federal agencies are able to ensure the nation’s security, protect public health, and strengthen communities.

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Owen Ambur

GSA-s unwavering commitment to a culture of high-performance and customer focus -- reinforced by our agency values of Service, Accountability, and Innovation -- is the key to helping agencies deliver on their mission. When we do our job well, the American people win.


Competitive Environment


General Services Administration (GSA)

GSA has two main service lines, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Public Buildings Service (PBS), as well as, the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) and a set of staff offices that support the efficient and effective operation of the agency.



Effective and efficient Government for the American people


Deliver value and savings in real estate, acquisition, technology, and other mission-support services across Government






Real Estate

Goal Statement: Save taxpayer money through better management of Federal real estate

GSA will achieve cost savings for the Federal Government by enhancing asset management and optimizing space utilization to provide the best price in Federal leased and owned real estate. Effective and integrated delivery of workspace solutions will provide our customers the opportunity to focus time and resources on their mission-related operations. Greater integration and consistency of our services will also improve the experience of our Federal customers. Innovative and shared portfolio planning at the local and national level will be used to find the right solution at a lower cost for new leases. In doing so, GSA will lower the cost associated with its owned and leased real estate portfolio to better meet the needs of its customers. GSA will also focus on optimizing revenue from the sales of GSA and other federally owned real property assets to ensure a Government-owned portfolio of highperforming assets.


  • Training, Tools & Processes
  • Turn-Key Services
  • Repositioning
  • Leases
  • Inventory
  • AAAP & GLS
  • Utilization
  • Responsiveness & Value
  • Operational Surpluses
  • Services
  • Community Impacts
  • O&M
  • Sales, Leases, Auctions & Transfers
  • Under-Performing Assets


Goal Statement: Establish GSA as the premier provider of efficient and effective acquisition solutions across the Federal Government

We will lead acquisition and procurement strategies that help agencies access inventive and effective commercial solutions, make it easier to do business with Government, and use our buying power to drive cost savings. -- GSA is committed to delivering service, innovation, and value through efficient operations, market expertise, and proactive partnerships with customer agencies and private sector vendors. Generating economies of scale is the cornerstone of our acquisition solutions, enabling us to negotiate better prices. Every day, we help our customers make smart purchasing decisions to acquire the goods and services they need. GSA is dedicated to improving the contract vehicles, services, and products we provide to Federal agencies, military, and state/local entities. We make access to the Government market easier, faster, and less costly to socio-economic providers. We are achieving this by designing and delivering solutions that meet current needs and anticipate future requirements.


  • Contract Vehicles
  • Customer Needs
  • Multiple Awards Schedules
  • E-Commerce
  • Subcontracting
  • Reviews
  • Data & Business Intelligence
  • Opportunities
  • Account Management
  • Veterans
  • Acquisition
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • IT Systems
  • Events
  • Small Business Experience
  • Relationships & Market Intelligence
  • Outreach
  • Simplification & Streamlining
  • Understanding & Leadership
  • Buying Options
  • Education
  • Socio-Economic Entities
  • Purchasing Strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Commercial Items
  • Savings & Objectives
  • Customer Experience
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Governance Systems
  • Data Access & Quality
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Large &/or Complex Projects
  • Market Forces & Streamlining
  • Counseling
  • Analytics, Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Client Relationships
  • Commercial Principles
  • Analytics & Customer Intelligence


Goal Statement: Improve the way Federal agencies buy, build and use technology

We will lead the charge to modernize Government's approach to technology products and services. We will guide agencies through innovative and efficient technology deployment to meet their missions and fulfill the needs of Americans in a rapidly evolving and complex world... Technology is critical to how every agency accomplishes its mission and serves the public. It is at the core of running mission-support operations, safeguarding critical information, and analyzing program data for agency decision making. However, the Federal Government continues to struggle with legacy IT systems, IT modernization hurdles, and procurement challenges, as well as keeping pace with the public’s expectation for digital services. The challenge of supporting, managing, and securing legacy systems significantly affects the ability of Federal agencies to meet current and evolving mission requirements. GSA can take the lead in a modernization that rethinks business problems and uses new, innovative technologies and IT practices to help Government IT work better. GSA and its agency partners have the capabilities to shift more Federal IT spending from maintenance to modernization. The Federal IT procurement process includes requirements development and acquisition practices that can be burdensome and timeconsuming. GSA is helping agencies adopt new approaches for buying commercial-off-the shelf and as-a-service solutions. We are leading the development of modular contracting approaches to enable agile and efficient development of complex new requirements. GSA’s goal is to assist agencies through the entire life cycle of procurement and system development. Keeping up with the public’s expectations for services, and digital services in particular, has been challenging for the Government. The technology challenges facing Federal agencies and the direct impact on the public are well-known by leaders across Government and the private sector. GSA has been a leader in using technology to make customer experiences simple, fast, and secure.


  • COTS SaaS
  • Marketplace
  • Cloud
  • Agility, Skills & Guidance
  • Modular Contracting
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Technology Modernization
  • Forum
  • Cybersecurity & PII
  • Software, Systems & Infrastructure
  • Insider Threats
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Quality, Risk & Value
  • Procurement
  • Deployment
  • Security & Privacy
  • Satisfaction
  • Accessibility
  • Availability & Purchasing
  • Coordination
  • Technical Designs
  • Metrics
  • Authorizations
  • Operating Standards & Migration
  • Data Centers
  • Digital Interaction
  • Usability
  • Cycles, Compliance & Value
  • Standards, Policies & Strategies

Shared Services

Goal Statement: Design and deliver expanded shared services within GSA and across the Federal Government to improve performance and save taxpayer money

We will transform administrative services in Government by leading the consolidation of common mission-support processes and services across the Government. Implementing this best practice will make these services better, faster, and more affordable while allowing Government agencies to dedicate more resources to their missions. -- Mission-support services across Government are challenged by inefficiencies and manual processes, duplicative investments in technology and capabilities, and an inability to consistently modernize technology and business practices. For example, Government-wide benchmarking data shows some agencies are entering nearly all of their vendor invoices manually and paying nearly 100 times more per processed invoice than the standard for electronic invoicing. Similar examples can be cited in key support functions at Federal agencies -- including human capital, IT support, finance, acquisition, and building services. Inefficiencies take valuable time and resources away from agency missions, impeding the Government’s ability to deliver on public priorities. GSA is able to fundamentally change the way Government conducts mission-support services by designing and delivering expanded shared services. “Shared services” is an industry-leading practice with proven success in consolidating processes, systems, and workforce to reduce costs and deliver common services in a standard way across complex enterprises. This practice also creates opportunities to share specialists and proven approaches across agencies. Helping agencies share common services and technology today will mean long-term cost savings for taxpayers, and a Government that is leaner and better equipped. Last year, the GAO stated that “moving to shared services can save the Federal Government billions of dollars as well as reduce duplicative efforts, decrease systems upgrades, and free up resources for mission-critical activities.” But the Federal Government’s efforts to establish and scale up shared services have yielded mixed results, at best. At GSA, our mission is to provide services to agencies. Our robust supplier relationships and access to leading practices in industry for all support services allow GSA to bring innovative, proven solutions to the Federal Government. GSA’s role in Government-wide policy implementation and data analysis is also a key factor in helping agencies overcome barriers to improving their own mission-support operations and adopting shared services. To coordinate these efforts and fully realize our potential, we must develop stronger organizational capabilities to understand customer demand, work with industry to provide efficient and effective supply, and incorporate services across GSA to satisfy the needs of Federal agencies.


  • CXO Functions
  • Adoption
  • Standardized Metrics
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency & Accountability
  • Employees & Modeling
  • Satisfaction
  • Standard Capabilities
  • Capabilities & Infrastructure
  • Shared Services
  • Capabilities
  • Cross-Agency Councils
  • Training
  • Costs & Operations
  • Approach
  • Standardization
  • Migration
  • Expenditures & Effectiveness
  • Inventory & Catalogue
  • SPPI Playbook
  • Best Practices
  • Service Packages
  • Interoperability, Security, Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Improvements
  • Identification & Proposal
  • Cost Reduction
  • Restructuring
  • Benchmarking
  • Principles & Practices
  • Relationships
  • Performance, Improvement & Entrepreneurship
  • Connections & Knowledge
  • Performance Plans & Service Metrics
  • Automation & Technologies
  • Talents & Skills
  • Demand & Offerings
  • Engagement & Support
  • Products & Services
  • Pricing
  • Customer Interface
  • Financial Mechanisms
  • Opt-Outs
  • Indirect Costs
  • Readiness
  • Standardization & Consolidation
  • Lessons Learned
  • Procurement & Contracts

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