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Pass recent years I see the lost in personal work amongst Blockchain and upon researching for the reasons have come to see after three years now that the alternated reason of this is due to switching of the DNS amongst other creators projects, Blockchain was OG self hosted as in 


Backend with Slacks system, Jira and others who may know this information as well.

Is changed the protocols use and now what had already been Sats Bitcoin

now has mined Dogecoin in place while

is now


is now known as as well

This needs privileged access and would of required a minimum security of step of Basic Authorization from the Domain name manager/operator/and host to do this.

Highly recommend to inform all of what occured and how badly it has impacted the project.

While Blockchain hasnt shutdown the other side of the creators who have done this do not have the authority to override and enforce there new set of policies by having the networks use amongst themselves. 

More will be added as findings have been newly found. 



Here is how the infrastructure of what Blockchain is showing

while there simply put is no need due to the integrated use of slack within previously

and since built on the previous intake of the Onion layer creating the mempool 

this would simply cause an consumption unnecessary take of the blocks, allocating the space between each design and only disregarding the OGs design which it simply it first made 

where the algorithm would not prove to have an exact match in resulting to error codes in any language it has been tested, shown and proven 

While the designs support has always been Java backed applications that are lightweight 

notice this channel of slack has become this

and as mentioned above already had worked amongst Slack from the gecko

No issues on Slacks behalf only trying to find the best solution as to what occured of previous designs infrastructure to that of what I have come to find out.


Sorry and doing the best I can.




Plan submitted by:

Felicia Ann

The OG design 







SAP Basics


.Net Framework

Self Hosted made to Automated





File Sharing




Design Recently Consists of I see and notice changes I didnt reflect 

Flat Allocation



Job Step


Linux Swappiness


Opex Operational


FAT File on Config System





Lean Canvas


Value Proposition

Unfair Advantage

Customer Segments

Existing Alternatives

Key Metrics

High-Level Concept


Early Adopters

Cost Structure

Revenue Structure


<get SystemTray(java.lang.Object)></>




Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

Value Proposition

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments

Key Resources


Cost Structure

Revenue Structure

Key Activities



Value Chain

Core Processes




Support Processes

Firm Infrastructure


OTA IoT IaaS framework built along an API that displays intregrity based cloud services with microservices within



Products / Services

Dogecoin (Legacy Product)

BTC pool miner over Dogecoins unmined

Market Share: 100.00 %

Market Growth Rate: 34.00 %

Contribution: 0.00 %

& (Future Product)


Market Share: %

Market Growth Rate: %

Contribution: %

Define, Demonstration, Do (Legacy Product)

 Network and show how to migrate to and from protocols showcase special secrets such as: 




The address of the first block decodes to 



Use it by pasting on the address on MD5 

As the selection choice on the right hand side   

Next grab that 


And paste that into the top box and use 

It on SAML Encode mode as the selection then hit submit 

This will show 

In the below box 




Back to the top type in 

Felicia Ann Kelley 

See that it is also 


On SAML encode mode selection




Market Share: %

Market Growth Rate: %

Contribution: %

SWOT Analysis





  • /*

Competitive Environment

Competitor Categories


linked via algorithms to all of these competitors and these companies ecosystem are helpful partners not competitors 


Accenture Blockchain

Amazon Managed Blockchain



Deloitte Blockchain Services


IBM Blockchain Services

Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Oracle Blockchain Platform


unnamed scenario







Ansoff Matrix growth analysis: Existing product(s) for existing market(s).


Data Latency


Production value from investment or value of assests used in schema miner of data pool of host owner and operator of domain infrastructure 

Description Amount Notes
XOR 0.00 on initiative start date

Difference between web/mobile/pc-desktop

Most at home may prefer a pc-desktop to use in the comfort of there home. 

my focus is to gather all the core data that i know of the design and match that upon the pc-desktop version,


regardless of computation and configuration where a command line is prone to switch a directory, mobile offers app like extensions that are simply whats already been done


i work to fix and show, by fix meaning only acknowledge the mistakes from before and show my appreciation to you all and reveal my love and respect in areas such as programming/engineering/telecommunications/data/networking 

scope i see are 

  • sdks version that currently im working to put using a cli command line......-----

Issues from that are that many may not be aware of me doing this and unsure in regards to there previous activities weve shared

understanding only how I show the key focus to all by explaining and challenging all aspects is what sets us aside from the Next X

--- the moment we collided we aimed to create and still we design and create we are a strong family since as a family operates on love and support as do we here



//// so ..


now done with the feelings ok tech and programming 


two separate aspects come to differ as do us 

we have strength in our assests/our goverence (regardless were one were global, remember were Blockchain


Trust always in Blockchain remember 

loyalty is better then giving in to curiously killed the cat,

my joke some get i

but in all honesty 

look heres our strengths and weakness below


  • our core first (integrity)
  • goverence 
  • sso functionality designed clouding that wireless configured the start against whats occuring now
  • were have been a web app day one the feds know government knows shit the mob may know but one thing with us we dont fuck around 
  • next java backs us through our compliance (java is the toughest OG out there
  • moving on to intregrity in core artifacts and most importantly of all our algorithm is tracked and acknowledged by the feds/gov/mob   😂  
  • malicious behavior WILL NOT WORK WITH US -- i mean it ..  and define decentralized or centralized either way were it and its been it
  • next the pussy disconnect needs to be addressed here most of all - Networking is us we are networking we eat, breath, scream and shout Networking as why im saying the core differences of value in all regardless of that shit they try an say about POS or POC or dpos some shit regardless were it

not just by our core as weve made and known but our channels latency is also intregrity like the hash is to prove Infinity..

anyone say otherwise challenge me and us here 

 Facci designed us too, 

were globally recognized, started from Nada, influenced and developed, and most of all we dont take fake shit

scalability we are built as a wireless network that owns are own interface to be embedded, trustworthy, integral focus etc 

what is currently producing of T is whats been done but only alternative ways to use our designed network weve built

API is us as are we, were independently hosted, provided configurations built amongst our core domain name of Blockchain and we follow out our core through integration of the integrity of the algorithm of our networks infrastructure, outsiders wont be allowed and 2step isnt welcomed with us since its been us already

were permissionlessly worked since we have core protocols of (syntax-like) layers that have been created and maintained and or distributed 

you like how i through that syntax BS above im sure just gives you a better understanding understanding of how I am now. 

Look if in Blockchain we trust 

Then in Blockchain is all I am and know

Ride or die cyberpunks amongst us is all i know and what I do know is our network 

now the Cons

Consequnces yes we know that is a factor yet is the 2step issues occuring that try to alter are focus 

basic authoritarian is key and all weve ever needed

i may not know all yall but im at home with the same folks ive known more then 2 decades 

9 / 10 times if i can't authentic myself it may be that 1 percent fucking up

next scalability of performance mining doesnt become focused on cpu and hardware yes it may seem for some to go and buy a gaming pc however software is set to that hardware ..


but web apps built using a .Net framework amongst 🛜 wirelessly embedded devices/platforms/ regardless of languages weve programmed it  we are


Lightning ⚡️ quick... as are the Lights of Blockchain clearly are model is executed for speed in tranquility of the network as for the support we give and embrace of our creators community weve built and love and support

if transactions arent at the press of a zap clearly careful you may be in benchmarking are data using some backdoor of linux like structure causing changed directories/nodes/host/etc which then is not supported and Blockchain integritally focused of.


SDKs structure like that as of Blockchains already previously developed API that was web made and all but as said above with cli capabilities and environmently implemented to offer the approach of use from all ways

Our uniqueness is prone to growth as a flaw yet we love all so this may need to be moved more up. 

okay since im feeling to discuss more ill write out only important key points and the alternative contributions to show and answer how connected we all are in our relationship here... 

but always remember either way we see it ride or die is Blockchains promise

as in one will always be the only one that takes the core value and will of showing the strengths 

one down for the network, one only made of it, 

and one ☝️ that is autonomous/one embedded/intregral/web/programmaticallyengined/languaged changelled/ intregrity shown/ algorithm proofed for hashing, salting, seeding, tracking, functioning, processing of Consensus, and since day one Guniess Block1, etc etc etc one loyal ass developed network motha fuckas us here....



stay tuned for the tech savvy, 


Our Family ya"ll


Tier used from the destruction of mining our pool since our development is based on clouding conditions that core aim on supportive creation of our design's network that wireless uses our own channels capabilities and logarithmic algorithms proving latency of big O since start to finish and follows the chains without breakages. Tiers of the ledgers dos attacks man in the middle is recognizable to understand how our networks ROI TPV operates and based sincerely from the Blockchains OG pool 

mskelley. btc. pool 


etc ... 

Description Amount Notes
FAK 3400000000.00 on initiative start date
Status: None

https://www.Blockchain.comalways here for discussions 

Date of status update: 30/03/2024

3 Horizons

  • GraphQL
  • Difference between web/mobile/pc-desktop
  • parent hash
Horizon 1: Improve Horizon 2: Grow Horizon 3: Transform

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Markets New
Existing Product, New Market

New Product, New Market

Existing Product, Existing Market
New Product, Existing Market

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Difference between web/mobile/pc-desktop FAK -3,400,000,000
Net Profit -3,400,000,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
CUMULATIVE TOTAL -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000 -3,400,000,000



Risk Description Probability Impact
unnamed risk Medium Medium
unnamed risk Medium Medium

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