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What is StratML and what are the four ways of working with StratML in


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What is StratML?

StratML, or Strategy Markup Language, is the ISO standard for strategy plans and performance reports.

It is an XML-based standard for communicating the type of content typically found in strategic plans and performance reports in machine-readable format.

You can learn more about StratML at:

The original intention was for public bodies (government departments, parastatals, charities, etc.) to use StratML to share their strategic intentions and performance with each other, their stakeholders, and ultimately the general public. However, it could also be used (in a more secure manner) for:
  • divisions within large groups and multi-nationals to communicate their strategic intent and performance to their divisional or global headquarters,
  • startups to communicate their strategic intent and performance to funders and venture capitalists.
  • any business which needs to communicate with regulators, stock exchanges, investors and/or rating agencies.

Working with StratML in

There are four ways of working with StratML in

  1. You can generate the StratML for your strategy on a one-off basis by selecting "Reports & StratML" at the bottom of the Strategy Board, then selecting your options and clicking "Generate StratML". This will generate a one-time StratML output, which you can copy and save if you want.

    To see such an example of StratML in action, here is a description of StratNavApp and its goals in StratML format.

  2. You can publish your plan as 'public' StratML by clicking "Edit this project" at the bottom of the Strategy Board and then ticking the "Make StratML public" box. Your project will not appear on the list of public StratML (see next point) and will be automatically updated every time you update your plan.

    By default, the StratML generated by StratNavApp is only available to registered users of the specific projects to which it relates, but there is also an option to make StratML for specific projects available to the general public (if confidentiality is not a concern).

  3. You can see the other plans where people have made the StratML or HTML renditions of their plans public at Public Projects

  4. Finally, you can create a new project in by importing an existing StratML from the web. Click the 'hamburger menu' icon at the top left of the page, then select "Projects" from the drop-down menu. Finally, click the second round button: "Import".

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