What is StratNavApp and why should you use it?

StratNavApp.com is a collaborative application for business strategy development and execution.

If you're still using email, documents, presentations and spreadsheets do develop and execute strategy, you will know how easily your work fragments into multiple versions of overlapping and inconsistent documents clogging up various people's email boxes. Even if you can find the material you are looking for, how can you be sure it is the latest version? When you make changes, how do you make sure that each document and team member is kept up to date? Will you ever be able to know who did what and when in your process?

StratNavApp enhances your strategy practice by providing consistency, traceability, auditability, and ultimately, scalability. 

Delivered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) it integrates all of the most common strategy tools into a team-based environment available on any device, at any time, from anywhere you can connect to the web.

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