Add content with the Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet provides an easy way to link content you find on the web directly to insights and competitors in your strategy projects.

To install:

  • Desktop/laptop: Drag this link >> Add to StratNavApp << to your bookmarks bar for a handy bookmarklet to easily add web resources to your projects.

  • iPad/iPhone: create a new bookmark and replace the link address with this text


    into it.

To use:

  • Find a page of interest on the web.
  • Select/highlight a paragraph or two that is of interest.
  • Click the "Add to StratNavApp" link where you placed it in your bookmarks toolbar.
  • On the screen that comes next,
    • Edit/amend the selected text if you want to.
    • Select the project you want to add the text to.
    • Either:
      • Select "Insight" or "Organisation" and then type the name of the insight or organisation to create a new one or select an existing one,
      • Click on one of the insights or organisations selected.
  • The text will be posted to your insight or organisation, and anyone else you share the project with will be notified in the normal way.

Note that, unfortunately, the bookmarklet cannot work for non-HTML (e.g. PDF) documents.

Video demonstration:

Watch a short video demonstration of how to work with the Bookmarklet.

See also: Bookmarklets.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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