The problem with books about strategy

There are many excellent books about strategy. They all have one problem. Find out how solves it.

There are many excellent books about strategy. See, for example, this list: The 5 books every business strategist should read, as well as this longer list of books about strategy.

They all, however, have one problem: They're aimed at people who are willing and able to invest a lot of time in thinking about strategy.

Most people don't have that time. They have businesses to run. They're engineers, accountants or marketers. They have businesses, divisions or departments to run.

And even if they found the time, they'd still be left with an array of disparate theories, trying to work out how to apply them in practice.

That's why we read those books, took the knowledge we gained, combined it with our decades of experience helping organisations to develop and execute business strategies, and built it into distils decades of strategic expertise into practical tools, so you can confidently execute strategy without reading every book. More importantly, it integrates them for you, so you're not left trying to figure out how it all joins up for yourself. And we provide the guidance you need, specific to your circumstances, when you need it.

So you can develop and execute your strategy, with confidence, whether you've read all the books or not.

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Updated: 2024-03-12