Data Retention

Our policies for data retention.

Data VaultOur data policies are designed to strike a balance between the need to keep your data safe with the need to not keep it for any longer than is appropriate.

Our policies for data retention are:

Data Type Length Notes
Inactive accounts ~1 year We reserve the right to close free accounts after a year of inactivity.
Unaccessed projects ~1 year We reserve the right to delete projects which have not been accessed for > 1 year.
User notes 1 year User annotations to strategies are removed after 1 year.
Change logs 30 days Change logs are removed from the system after 90 days.
Deleted items 90 days Deleted items are removed from the system after approximately 90 days.*
Notifications 30 days Notifications are removed from the system after 30 days.

* Note: If you delete a project in which you are not the only collaborator, the system removes your access to that project but does not delete it. Other collaborators will continue to have access to that project. Only once all collaborators have deleted that project will the system delete the project itself.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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Updated: 2024-03-04