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We know that different people in different parts of the world like to write their dates differently.

So, for example, Americans like to write the last day of 2021 as 12/31/2021. The English, on the other hand, write it as 31/12/2021.

We don't know why that is. But it doesn't matter. will let you choose how you like your dates.

Simply go to the Account Settings page and change your Language to your preferred combination of Language and Region. We'll then set your date format (as well as your number formats and currency) accordingly.

When you first set up your account, we tried to guess your settings from your system setup for you. But sometimes your system setup is incorrect, or your computer's browser reports it incorrectly. Then we get it wrong. Sorry about that.

Luckily once you set it on as described above, we'll remember it forever for you.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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