Examples of PESTEL Analyses

Draw inspiration from examples of PESTEL Analyses for well-known organisations like Uber, Apple, Starbucks and Amazon.


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A PESTEL analysis is a macros-scanning framework. It considers the external/environmental factors which could impact an organisation in 6 key categories. You can learn more about PESTEL Analysis.

Here are some examples of PESTEL Analyses of well-known organisations.

Note: a PESTEL analysis is a snapshot analysis which will be valid at a particular point in time.


The popular ride-hailing company is in a race to dominate the cities in which it operates. It faces numerous challenges from Taxi unions and labour law advocates. It was founded in technology and technology, such as autonomous vehicles, will continue to have a significant impact.

PESTEL analysis for Uber


Apple's premium image buys it a lot of loyalty but makes it harder to expand into less affluent markets. Disputes with China could further undermine its economic model, as do mounting concerns about the environmental impact of its supply chain, packing and disposal out old models.

PESTEL Analysis for Apple


Starbucks must continue to keep its costs low whilst remaining sensitive to the issues which are important to its target customers.

Starbucks PESTEL Analysis


Amazon's e-commerce offering faces a number of threats to is dominance and logistics model, but there are a number of opportunities in its cloud computing business.

Amazon's PESTEL Analysis

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