Manage Stakeholders from LinkedIn with our Bookmarklet

Easily navigate to Stakeholder's pages, or create new ones, from their LinkedIn profile, and copy the profile pictures and LinkedIn IDs.


  1. What it is
  2. How to use it
  3. How to install it
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  5. Other notes
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What it is

One of the first things we do before meeting a new Stakeholder is look them up on LinkedIn. provides a convenient way of navigating from the Stakeholder record to their LinkedIn profile page.

The LinkedIn bookmarklet allows you to navigate in the opposite direction: from LinkedIn to their stakeholder page.

It also allows you to pull their profile image and LinkedIn id back into their Stakeholder record.

How to use it

  1. From any LinkedIn profile page, click on the LinkedIn Bookmarklet.
  2. This will open up a new page showing possible matching Stakeholders in
    From there you can:
    1. Navigate to an existing matching Stakeholder record.
    2. Merge the LinkedIn image and ID into an existing Stakeholder record before navigating to it.
    3. Create a new Stakeholder record, in any project, adding the name, profile picture and ID from LinkedIn, before navigating to it.

How to install it

  • Desktop/laptop: Drag this link >> LinkedIn << to your bookmarks bar.

  • iPad/iPhone: create a new bookmark and replace the link address with this text

    javascript:personName=document.querySelector("h1.text-heading-xlarge").innerText;imageElement=document.querySelector("img.pv-top-card-profile-picture__image--show");imageElement==null&&(imageElement=document.querySelector("img.evi-image"));imgSrc=imageElement?imageElement.getAttribute("src"):"";encodedName=encodeURIComponent(personName);encodedImgSrc=encodeURIComponent(imgSrc);encodedUrl=encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);finalUrl=""+encodedName+"&face="+encodedImgSrc+"&url="+encodedUrl;console.log("Navigating to",finalUrl);,"_blank");

    into it.

See also

Other notes

The LinkedIn bookmarklet is available on all paid accounts. It is only available on free accounts for their first 3 months.


If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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