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Learn how to work with Projects in


  1. The project concept
  2. How to create a new project
  3. How to switch between projects
  4. Tools that work across projects
  5. How to delete a project

The project concept divides your work into projects.

  • Usually, each project represents one strategy, and each project has it own Strategy Board.
  • You may only ever need one project.
  • But if you're a larger organisation, you might have different projects for the strategies of each of your operating divisions.
  • Or if you're a consultant, you might have one project for each of your clients' strategies.
  • Or may you will just fire up a project to explore a particular idea you have.
  • It's up to you. The important thing to remember is that each of the projects is independent of the others. And you can share each project with different members of your team.

How to create a new project

  1. Login to
  2. Click on "Projects" on the main menu.
  3. Click on "Create a New Project" on the drop-down menu which opens up.
  4. Follow the prompts in the project setup wizard.

NB: When you first signed up to, your first project will have been created for you.

How to switch between projects

You can easily switch between and view different projects you've create or that have been shared with you:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on "Projects" on the main menu.
  3. The drop-down menu will show
    1. the last (up to five) projects you've accessed. You can click on any one of those.
    2. "All projects". You can click on "All projects to see a list of all of your projects and select any one of them.

Note: Whenever you select a new project, you will taken to the Strategy Board for that project.

Tools that work across projects

Whilst projects are generally independent of each other, there are a number of features which operate across projects.

  • The Recent Updates page will show you all your updates across all your projects.
  • You can search with your current project only, or across all of your projects.
  • The Personal Calendar will show you all of the meetings where you're marked as an attendee across all your projects.
  • The Personal Actions list will show you all of the actions where you're marked as a stakeholder across all your projects.
  • You can create hyperlinks between projects. From any page on any project, you can select "Copy page link to clipboard". Then in any formatted entry box in any project, you can paste that link back to the original page.

How to delete a project

To delete a project:

  • Log in to
  • Select the project you want to delete (see instructions above).
  • Click the name of the project on the main menu (it will be the second item on the main menu).
  • Click "Project Details" on the resulting drop-down menu.
  • You will find the delete button (a small trashcan icon) toward the bottom of the screen.


  • When you delete a project, you are actually only deleting your access to the project.
  • If another user has access to the project, they will continue to have access to that project.
  • When you delete your access to a project, you cannot undo this action. However, another user who still has access to that project can invite you to join it again.
  • Once a project has no more active users with access to it, the system will delete the project and its data. Once this happens, it cannot be recovered.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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