Transforming Strategy Development and Execution for Remote Work

Discover how transforms remote strategy development and execution, ensuring continuous, collaborative, and effective strategic planning.

Tin cans joined by a stringAre you finding it harder to think and act strategically in our increasingly remote world of work?

Even before COVID, globalisation and the growth of multinational firms had meant that more and more workers were remote from each other, even if they worked in distributed offices. Post-COVID, hybrid and remote work and flexible hours are now the norm in many areas.

Strategy remains one of those hold-outs for in-person work. The annual strategy retreat remains one of the shrinking number of occasions when it is worth the time and cost involved in getting everyone to a single location.

However, that is not enough.

  1. The strategy off-site agenda is increasingly co-opted for other activities which people want to do in-person but can't justify on their own merits. That, plus the inevitable team-building exercises, are eroding the time available for actually doing strategy at such offsites.
  2. Strategy is not an annual (or even quarterly or monthly) event. It is a continuous process. A way of thinking and acting. is ideally placed to address this challenge.

We're not saying that you shouldn't do in-person strategy events, not that you shouldn't supplement these were other remote events (online workshops etc.).


  1. can help you to be better prepared for such events so that you can make the best use of the limited time you may have in-person and at other events.
  2. can keep your strategy development and execution process alive and vital between your events.

It does this by providing:

  1. A single source of truth about what your strategy is, why it is that, and how well it's working. Our repository-based system ensures your strategy always remains internally consistent, no matter how much circumstances or your strategy change.
  2. An online, real-time, collaborative environment, which is available anytime and from anywhere, and where people can engage with that content in a transparent way, keeping everyone on the same page and aligned. Say goodbye to side conversations which get lost in personal inboxes.
  3. A solution which works with your existing environment by hotlinks, integrations and APIs.
  4. An international solution which caters seamlessly to collaboration across time zones and internationalisation standards (like date and number formats).
  5. Contextual help and AI to improve everyone's effectiveness and deliver more consistent results.

The result: always-on consistent and high-quality strategy development and execution, no matter how you work, leading to greater alignment and better performance. Peace of mind in an increasingly VUCA world.

If you've not tried it yet, now is the time. Sign up here.

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Published: 2024-02-27  |  Updated: 2024-02-27