Searching is fully searchable - both your projects and our articles

To access the search feature, click on the small "Search" icon () towards the top right of the screen when you are logged into the system.

Simply enter the text you would like to search for and hit enter or click the button attached to the right of the search entry box.

You have three options for search:

  1. Your current project: This will search all of the content you or your colleagues have entered in the project you are currently working with. This is the default option.
  2. All your projects: This is like the option above, except that, if you have created more than one strategy project, it will search them all. This feature is available to paying subscribers only.
  3. The Blog: Instead of searching the content you or your colleagues have entered, this option will search our Blog for helpful articles about how to use the system, and how to develop and execute business strategy in general.

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If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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Updated: 2023-06-08