Introducing the Strategy Board

The Strategy Board provides the basic framework on which every strategy is built. It brings together all four phases of the strategy development and execution cycle.

Image of Strategy BoardNo two strategies are ever the same - so why should you have to develop and execute them in the same way? allows you to choose which tools and frameworks to use based on what's appropriate for your strategy.

Simply add whichever tools and frameworks you want to use to our unique Strategy Board.

The Strategy Board is divided into 4 quadrants:

  1. Analysis: build a structured fact base about your organisation and its competitive environment.
  2. Direction: articulate your organisation's vision, mission, values, goals objectives and targets.
  3. Planning: plan the initiatives which will execute your strategy.
  4. Results: track progress towards your goals on a Strategy Scorecard.

    with an additional module operating across all 4:
  5. Governance: ensure you have proper governance in place to ensure your strategy gets delivered.

These 4 quadrants represent the 4 phases of the Strategy Development and Execution cycle.

Of course, these quadrants don't exist in isolation. will help you to create and manage the links between them to ensure your strategy fits together in a logical way.

Note the circular representation of Strategy Board. The placement of the quadrants may vary, but the circular nature of the Strategy Board shows the continual and integrated nature of the strategy development and execution cycle.

Where you start is less important than (1) that you gradually move towards a situation where everything aligns across all aspects of the strategy, and (2) that the strategy is producing the results you intend.

As you work, the Strategy Board will show you what you have (and therefore haven't) done, giving a sense of progress. Its a greate central point of navigation and you can return to it at any time by clicking on Strategy Board on the main menu.

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