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W3C AIKR Community Group (W3C AIKR CG)

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Plan period: from 25/02/2020 


  • AIKR: The knowledge that an AI system uses to perform its function

The goals originally set forth in this draft are from an E-mail message sent by Carl Mattocks in preparation for a televideo conference on February 25, 2020. This was then later combined with content from an article written by S. Justin Stoltzfus, at


Other Groups:

  • AIKR Community of Practice (Responsible)


Competitive Environment


W3C AIKR Community Group (W3C AIKR CG)



More trustworthy AI business capabilities.


To demonstrate how StratML can be used to define AIKR business capabilities.


Perspective Goals

Internal Business Processes

AI KR in eGovernance

Goal Statement: Define the Relation between AI, KR and eGov

Define an expound the relevance of AI KR to eGovernance

Provide Pointers towards work to be done to leverage KR for eGov

KR Corpus Analysis

Goal Statement: Overview of KR methods and tools

Survey and list standard KR techniques used in AI(fifty years worth of research)

Gather and analyse resources from the corpus (corpus analysis)

Extract core entities to map the AI KR domain

AI KR for Neuroscience

Goal Statement: Define the relation between AI, KR and Neuroscience

How can KR help to advance Neuroscience?


Goal Statement: Publicly present the work being done





Goals without a Balanced Scorecard perspective


Goal Statement: Define what AIKR is


  • KRIDs


Goal Statement: Identify and validate the existing frameworks available


Goal Statement: To get StratML adopted as the standard for defining AI strategies


  • Understanding
  • Extensions


Goal Statement: Develop a method/strategy for evaluating the trustworthiness of AI

AI Strategists

Goal Statement: To define, in StratML format, the role of the AI Strategist.

The role of the AI Strategist is defined in here. The resulting StratML Part 2 is available:

A second one has now emerged here.


Goal Statement: Facilitate use of ontological information statement to explain AIKR capabilities

  • Ontological: showing the relations between the concepts and categories in a subject area or domain.


Goal Statement: To explain how StratML can be used to track the capacity of an AIKR competency with one or more KPIs


  • Explication
  • Machine Learning



Action Description Due Date Completed
Carl will set up fortnightly meetings of this group; same time of day 25/02/2020 True
Owen to draft a StratML plan for an "AI Strategist" and see if we can engage the AIKR community in it 25/02/2020 False
Carl to send Chris and Jorge instructions for joining AIKR

Jorge already joined. 

10/03/2020 True
Paola to demonstrate a simple ontological search - Chris to circulate the example he did for Owen previously 10/03/2020 True
Research pre-existing KPIs for AI, if there are any 10/03/2020 False
Owen to translate the Principles (from the screen) into a performance plan for this group (including merging with the previous attempt) 10/03/2020 False
Paola to share some material for commitments and obligations, which Chris and Own can map to the StratML Part 2 standard to see if it fits 10/03/2020 False
Chris Fox will convert Carl Mattocks's Performance Plan into StratNavApp/StratML


31/03/2020 True
Jorge to upload a picture of himself

Hi Chris, For some reason the photo is not showing. Tried vivaldi and Firefox, jpeg and png.

Create a shortlist of frameworks for trustworthiness versus explainability

Explainability is a subset of trustworthiness.

A shortlist of 2-4 frameworks, for example:

  1. a framework to evaluate an AI framework and compare it to others.

We need a list, rather than the detailed design for the frameworks.

After that, we need to identify the metrics for each framework.

Agree a series of meetings/emails to discuss False
Merge Justin's AI Strategist Role profile with the StratML rendering of Carl's earlier attempt

I think we agreed that this should be done, but not who would do it or when. Any volunteers?

Merge the two competing plans which outline the role(s) of the AI (KR) Strategist False
Chris Fox to look at the ordering of the Goals in the StratML output 10/6/2020 10/06/2020 True
All to review the text of the AI KR Strategist role and add notes as appropriate 25/6/2020 25/06/2020 False


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