Strategic Plan

StratML Query Services

Strategic Business Unit

StratML Query Service Development Team (SQSDT)

Plan Details

Plan period: from 17/11/2021 

This plan outlines the goals and objectives of a basic StratML query service.

Plan submitted by:

Owen Ambur

  • Owen Ambur (Responsible) :

    Owen is the primary proponent of the plan and aims to carry it out if the cost to develop and sustain the service is reasonable.

  • Kurt Conrad (Responsible) :

    Kurt has technical skills that may be valuable in executing our plan.

  • Chris Fox (Responsible) :

    Chris may need to help us use his app to flesh out our plan so that it leads to realization of the intended results.

  • Adnan Akbar (Responsible) :

    Adnan has technical skills that may be valuable in executing our plan.

Other Groups:

  • StratML Community (Responsible)


Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

On which partners/suppliers or categories of partners/suppliers does this business depend?

Key Activities

What are the key activities by which this business creates value?

Value Proposition

What value does this business provide to its customers?

Customer Relationships

What kinds of relationships does this business have with its customers?

Cost Structure

What are the key costs of running this business?

Revenue Structure

How does this business charge?



Users can quickly and easily discover goals and objectives of interest to them


To develop a basic StratML query service


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Goal Statement: Enable faceted querying and discovery of discrete elements of StratML documents


  • Goals & Objectives
  • Stakeholders
  • Values


Goal Statement: Display in query results the relevant elements necessary to enable users to identify those more relevant to their interests

All faceted query results should return direct links to the queried elements within the context of the documents in which they occur. Besides those links, it may also be appropriate for the results listings to display the names of the relevant plans/reports and/or the names of the organizations issuing them.


  • Names & Descriptions
  • Hyperlinks
  • Organizations


Goal Statement: Support importation of StratML files, individually and in bulk.

The initial data set should be the existing StratML collection, comprising more that 5,000 files.

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