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StratNavApp is an online tool for collaborative strategy development and execution based on the Strategic Learning methodology and available at (It was originally called StrategicLearningApp, until April 2017).

StratNavApp is provided by Chris C Fox Consulting Limited

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For strategy development and execution to be widely recognised and practised as a formal and professional discipline, supported by digital tools.


To improve the quality of business strategy development and execution in all organisations.



The development and execution of strategy and performance plans should benefit from technological innovation in the same way that other business processes do.


Groups of people working together produce more robust strategies than individuals working alone.

Living Document

Strategy should be a living process which permeates everything an organisation does, not a document which gathers dust on executives' shelves.

Structure and discipline

Strategy should exist as a tightly integrated set of mutually reinforcing policies and actions, not as a loose collection of vague ambitions and disconnected plans.


Perspective Goals



Goal Statement: Make StratNavApp available at a variety of price points appealing to different classes of users


  • Free
  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Premium



Goal Statement: Facilitate the development and execution of strategy using structure and integrated processes and tools

StratNavApp allows strategists to generate insights with popular strategic frameworks such as SWOT, PEST, McKinsey 7-S, Porter 5 Forces, BCG Matrix, Porter's Value Chain, Pareto Analysis and the Strategy Canvas.

It then allows strategies to be articulated in the form of a Vision, Mission and Values, as well as Balanced Scorecard goals, objectives, KPIs and targets.

Strategic initiatives, together with cost and benefit statements, can be linked to goals, and managed through the consideration and approval cycle in a 3 Horizon or Gantt chart view.

Finally, it assists in the control of strategy execution using a Corporate Balanced Scorecard, RAID log, stakeholder management using the RACI framework, and meeting manager.


  • Frameworks


Goal Statement: Facilitate collaboration in the development and execution of strategies

StratNavApp allows strategists to collaborate in a purpose-built online environment. All changes are tracked with a timestamp and author and can be annotated. Team members are advised of all changes by email in a daily summary.


  • Track changes
  • Inform
  • Discuss
  • Simultaneous editing


Goal Statement: Facilitate access to strategy and performance plans at any time and from any device on the Internet

Allow users to access the strategy and performance plans securely, anytime, from anywhere and on any device.


  • 24X7
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Multi-device

Open Standards

Goal Statement: Support data exchangeand publishing through open standards

StratNavApp aims to support open standards, such as:


  • StratML Styling
  • StratML Output
  • Import StratML files


Provide the ability to generate strategy and performance plans in a range of formats and configurations, obviating the need to cut and paste content into different formats for different purposes.


  • Report in HTML
  • Report in StratML
  • Report in Word



Goal Statement: Support structured and integrated strategy analysis


  • Business model
  • Industry forces
  • External trends
  • Internal alignment
  • WWW references
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Competitor analysis and Strategy Canvas
  • Operating Model


Goal Statement: Support the articulation of a clear strategy and direction


  • Goals, Objectives, KPIs and Targets
  • Vision, mission and values


Goal Statement: Support the development, evaluation and planning of initiatives to deliver the strategy


  • 3 Horizons
  • Timeline
  • Goal/Initiative Matrix
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Initiative RASCI
  • Approval cycle

Execution Control

Goal Statement: Support governance to ensure controlled execution of strategy


  • Meeting Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Scorecard
  • RAID log
  • Risk Matrix


User Feedback

Goal Statement: Welcome user feedback as a source of improvements to the service

User feedback may be:

  • Direct feedback by email or through UserVoice.
  • Indirect feedback from ABTesting or Analytics.