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Plan period: from 26/05/2020 

This is a model perfomance plan for AI strategists

The initial content of this draft is taken from an article written by S. Justin Stoltzfus, at

  • Justin Stoltsfus (Responsible)
  • Owen Ambur (Responsible)
  • Chris Fox (Responsible)

Other Groups:

  • W3C AIKR CG (Responsible)




Enabled by AI strategists, organizations effectivel apply AI to achieve their objectives


To specify the roles of an AI strategist



Goal Statement: Navigate through the potential ethical and legal issues of AI technology, while driving forward the execution of smarter, more intelligent products and services and processes


Goal Statement: develop and drive corporate strategy to lead assessments of new product ideas, develop business cases and lead prototype creation to reach formal business recommendation on new opportunities geared at enhancing service and member experience


Goal Statement: Articulate in solving a business problem how much will be done by an AI system and how much by the human system

Knowledge Representation Requirements

Goal Statement: Identification of the types of Knowledge Representation needed to implement AI solution

Identification of the types of Knowledge Representation needed to perform the tasks of AI facet analysis / design / build / train / test  / refinement . May be identified in consultation with AI KR Strategist. Considerations include having  a Visual form for facet-tagging tasks performed by Human-in-Loop annotators.  An extended set of those (HIL) facets may be used by Data Scientists that employ an extensional, set-oriented, and intentional, relation-oriented approach.

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