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Plan period: from 15/02/2018 

This report presents the vision and strategic action plan that has been developed following an extensive community engagement process. Throughout 2017, approximately 3,000 people contributed to a series of surveys, workshops and focus group sessions, to explore the long-term future of the Island community. This engagement process was designed to provide an open, inclusive and transparent platform for community members to help create a shared vision and action plan.

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Owen Ambur

This report represents Future iQ's analysis of the engagement outcomes, and how this data has informed the identification of a preferred future and strategic actions. As the project consultant, Future iQ was given the responsibility to develop a data driven process, which has informed this report. The analysis in this report builds on the preceding project reports and engagement analysis. The recommended Key Strategic Action Areas have been developed by Future iQ, drawing directly from the community input gathered during the visioning process. All the concepts and actions presented were discussed during the engagement process. These actions have been structured into a proposed roadmap, drawing heavily from the prioritization conducted at the reconvening of the Think Tank in December 2017. The recommended sequencing has also been influenced by best practice examples of building a realistic pathway to a desired future.




Sustainability Reinvented.. Again!


To present a vision and strategic action plan for the Town of Hilton Head


Retirement Focus

Health & Wellness


Education Focus



World Class Destination



Natural Beauty

Beauty of Island


Economic Strength

Family Friendly

Forward Thinking




Goal Statement: Relentlessly pursue excellence.

One of the defining features of the Hilton Head Island community engagement workshop dialogue was the obvious passion people have for the Island. Many people are deeply connected to the Charles Fraser vision and hold that vision in high regard. It is apparent that one of the underlying values of many of the workshop participants was a deep appreciation of excellence.


  • Standards
  • Experts & Taskforces


Goal Statement: Reposition Hilton Head at the forefront of the sustainability movement.

REDEFINING ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY -- Environmental sustainability is a foundational value and principle for the people of Hilton Head Island. The legacy of the landscape protection ethos remains today, with nature in the foreground, and human activity in the background. However, from the from the founding steps of modern development in the 1960's, the world of sustainability has moved on. Today, sustainability embraces a much larger definition and includes social sustainability, quality of life, environmental sustainability, renewable energy and broader human impact. There is little question that Hilton Head Island is no longer at the very forefront of the sustainability movement.


  • Energy
  • Redefinition
  • Research


Goal Statement: Revitalize and modernize Hilton Head's economy.

REVITALIZING AND MODERNIZING THE ECONOMY -- As has been explored in the visioning process, key economic drivers on Hilton Head Island include being a destination for affluent retirees and a destination tourism location. This has been predicated on the trajectory of an expanding resident population and increased tourism visitation. This trajectory has produced sustained growth and economic activity.


  • Tourism
  • Healthy Aging
  • Restoration & Revitalization
  • Young Professionals

Multi-Dimensional Community

Goal Statement: Attract younger families to Hilton Head Island.

FOSTERING AN INCLUSIVE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL COMMUNITY -- The 'Preferred Future' for Hilton Head Island, as defined in the visioning process, includes being an outward looking and socially progressive community with a mixed and diverse demographic. There is a clear desire to have younger families attracted to Hilton Head Island helping create a multi-generational society. Throughout the visioning process the Hilton Head Island stakeholders reiterated the importance of retaining an inclusive multi-dimensional community.


  • Housing & Neighborhoods
  • Recreation, Arts & Quality of Life
  • Lifestyle & Aging
  • Education

Connection & Collaboration

Goal Statement: Build a connected and collaborative community.

BUILDING A CONNECTED AND COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY FABRIC -- One of the strong characteristics in the scenario description of the 'Preferred Future' outcomes was that the 'community unites around a commitment and plan for progressive change'. The issues of connectivity and collaborative behavior was a major focus of the community discussions. This connectivity is referring to the fabric that binds the community together. As has been discussed, Hilton Head Island has a remarkably unique and unusual social fabric with 'communities within communities'. There have been considerable efforts, by many groups over the last decades to build a much stronger sense of community, and that work has been very successful. But the broader community is now desiring even greater connectivity. This connectivity is a function of both physical spaces and collaborative platforms and approaches.


  • Trust
  • Nodes & Modes
  • Connections


Goal Statement: Adopt an integrated regional focus.

EXPANDING TO EMBRACE AN INTEGRATED REGIONAL FOCUS -- Living on an Island often creates a unique worldview, which is a natural consequence of defined boundaries and separation. This can create an 'echo chamber' effect, where the conversation becomes wrapped around the internal Island topics and issues. However, on a relative scale, Hilton Head Island is a modest sized community, albeit 'punching above its weight' in reputation and brand awareness. But the stark reality is that many of the big issues will require a regional perspective and regional solutions. There have been very strong efforts to build these broader collaborative efforts which lays the groundwork for the next evolution.


  • Partnerships
  • Action
  • Collaboration


Goal Statement: Right-size infrastructure.

INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO CREATE 'RIGHT-SIZED' INFRASTRUCTURE -- The infrastructure issues of housing, transportation and public amenities have been a major topic of discussion throughout the entire process. The transportation and traffic issues are particularly prominent in people's minds, and the 8:00 am daily traffic congestion on the bridge onto the Island is most notably referenced. Many of the initial responses and comments reflect traditional approaches to infrastructure -- which is 'make it bigger'. However, through the visioning process, the potential implication of emerging technology was explored. Within the timeframe of the visioning process, society is likely to witness remarkable changes because of new technological evolution as part of the next industrial revolution.


  • Transportation Networks
  • Neighborhoods
  • Public Transportation

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