Strategic Plan

Corporate / Commercial Banking

Plan Details


Value Chain

Core Processes



Relationship Manager


Functions and KPIs

Relationship Management

  • Prospect pipeline
  • Conversion ratio

Prospect Management

  • New Merchant Accounts

Customer Onboarding

  • Repeat Business (# / $)

Customer 360 View

  • Client stickiness / retention rate
  • Net Promoter Score

Portfolio/OPs Management

  1. Portfolio Manager
  2. Operations Manager

Functions and KPIs

Origination and Pricing

  • Total cost of mortgage loan origination
  • Total cost of mortgage loan pricing

Credit Approval

  • Pull through rate
  • Decision cycle time (Application processing time)
  • Underwriting decision cycle time

Booking and Funding

  • Loans per loan officer (to estimate the productivity)
  • Applications per Processor
  • Applications per Underwriter

Servicing and Operations

  • Avg branch lobby wait time

Terminations and Closures

  • Default loan servicing
  • Operating expense as a percentage of assets

Back Office


Back Office Teams


Functions and KPIs

Billing and Statements

  • ROI
  • Timeliness of compliance, accuracy

Reporting and Analytics

  • Return on assets
  • Cashflows
  • Efficiency ratio
  • Total deposits
  • Capital ratio

Product Services


Customer Service Dept


Functions & KPIs

Customer Service

  • Loan yield
  • Non Performing Loan Ratio
  • Outstanding loans (total dollar amount of commercial loans managed)
  • Default Loan Servicing
  • Default Expense as a Percentage of Total Loan Servicing Expense

Collections & Litigation

  • Litigation severance

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