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Business Strategy development and execution networking.

Meet like minded individuals from around the world. Share experiences and ideas.

FREE over Zoom.

Hosted by Chris Fox, founder of StratNavApp.com

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Network with other business strategists. Share your perspectives and learn more about business strategy development and execution.

About this Event

#StratChat is an opportunity to network with and learn from other business strategists.

Meetings will be held each week at 14h00 UK time every Thursday. They will last 1 hour and will be held via Zoom. Attendance is FREE.

Anyone with an interest in business strategy development and execution is free to join.

  • experts or beginners;
  • consultants, people with strategy roles in organisations, or just people with an interesting in thinking and acting more strategically; from anywhere in the world.

You will receive the Zoom code and password by email as soon as you sign-up.

Approach: each week we will pick a broad topic, and prepare a few questions. However, the conversation will be community-led. So there is no way of predicting where it might go! As long as it is about business strategy development and execution.

Rules of engagement:

  • Chatham House Rules apply: participants may report who was there, and what was said, but not who said it.
  • To make sure the conversation is friendly and informative, please ensure your camera is switched on.
  • No sales pitches.
  • Meetings will be recorded but the recordings will only be made available to those who attend. Notes may be published shortly after the meeting.

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