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There are lots of ways to develop and execute business strategy. So why should you use is a purpose-built integrated and collaborative platform for developing and executing business strategies.

But, there are lots of ways you could develop and execute business strategies. So why should you use

  1. Best practice frameworks and tools in a box is built around tried and tested strategy tools.

    They're tried and tested in our own consulting practice and by millions of others all over the world.

    They're a complete set. You need look no further.

    We've deliberately not tried to come up with novel tools which may be clever but are also unfamiliar or even incomprehensible.

    Whilst we provide lots of support in how to use them, there is no shortage of other books and articles for you to draw on.

    If you're a seasoned pro, you'll find the tools familiar. If you're a beginner, you can be confident you're learning best practices.

  2. Integrated thinking and action

    You can, of course, get all of these tools from lots of other places. But no one brings them together and integrates them in the way does.

    Many strategy decks consist of isolated pieces of analysis and disconnected plans. shows you how these different tools work together to produce a logically reasoned and integrated result.

    That becomes even more important when things don't go according to plan. will help you to see and process the consequences of any changes or unforeseen events throughout your strategy.

  3. End-to-End process

    There are other tools out there that do different parts of the strategy development and execution process. supports the whole process from one end to the other: from analysis, through direction setting, through planning and execution, to results tracking.

    In fact, it is because of this that is uniquely able to 'close the loop'. That is, results tracking feeds new evidence into the analysis process. In this way, your strategy in is a living, evolving strategy, not some out-of-date document collecting dust on your shelf.

  4. Collaboration

    Strategy is a team sport.

    In development, it needs to be able to include a wide range of stakeholders' contributions. In execution, it needs to ensure everyone is on - and stays on - the same page.

    There are lots of collaboration tools out there. But they don't understand the task at hand - the task of developing and executing business strategy. So while they help with collaboration, they do nothing to help ensure your strategy is well formed and executed with discipline.

  5. Consistency

    If you work in a business or consultancy of any size you will have experienced how different people approach the task of strategy differently.

    The result is plans which are inconsistent. This makes them harder to read and harder to compare. It also makes it harder to move people between different strategies and teams.

    You want each strategy to be unique to the specific circumstances. But you want the process of developing, documenting, executing and tracking progress to be consistent.

    This makes it repeatable, and scalable. It allows you to learn and improve your craft in a way that ad hoc and inconsistent approaches don't. provides and enforces that consistency. It makes it easier to bring new people on board and get them up to speed. It makes it easier to apply your critical experts across different strategy domains.

  6. Tips and guidance

    Whether you're a novice or an expert strategist, our inbuilt tips and guidance will help to ensure you always know what to do next.

  7. Cost-effective is very cost-effective. For many users, it is free. Have a look at our pricing plans.

In short, brings the process of strategy development and execution into the modern age. It transforms it from an ad hoc and inconsistent process into a robust, repeatable and scalable process. It allows you to focus on your business - and achieving the results you want - with the confidence that the tools and processes will support you at every step along the way.

If you're still using email, documents, presentations and spreadsheets to develop and execute strategy, you will know how easily your work fragments into multiple versions of overlapping and inconsistent documents clogging up various people's email boxes. Even if you can find the material you are looking for, how can you be sure it is the latest version? When you make changes, how do you make sure that each document and team member is kept up to date? Will you ever be able to know who did what and when in your process?

StratNavApp enhances your strategy practice by providing consistency, traceability, auditability, and ultimately, scalability. 

Delivered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) it integrates all of the most common strategy tools into a team-based environment available on any device, at any time, from anywhere you can connect to the web.

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Updated: 2023-08-30