Creating a Strategy Scorecard on

With you can build a Strategy Scorecard to help you track progress against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as you execute your business strategy.

The Strategy Scorecard will show:

  1. Categorised by Balanced Scorecard perspective
  2. Your long-term goals
  3. Your SMART objectives to meet those goals
  4. And your KPIs to track progress towards those goals and objectives, including
    • The most recent measurement for each KPI
    • A chart showing that KPI over the last 3 years (including targets and actual results)
    • Commentary on the last measurement for that KPI

Here is an example of what your scorecard could look like. (Note that the data on this scorecard has been generated by a random number generator.)

An example of a Strategy Scorecard

To build your own Scorecard:

  1. On the Strategy Board, click on Add on the Articulation Quadrant, and then click Goals
  2. Add Goals
  3. For each Goal, add one or more Objectives
  4. For each Objective, add on or more Performance Indicators
  5. For each Performance Indicator, add one or more Targets or Actuals
  6. Click on StratNavApp at the top to return to the Strategy Board
  7. Click on Scorecard in the Control Quadrant to see your Scorecard

Once you've added a first Actual to a Performance Indicator, will remind you each time the next one is due.

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