The "Strategy House"

The "Strategy House" is a simple but effective way to communicate your strategy.

Example Strategy HouseHow the Strategy House works:

  1. The "roof" is your mission statement.
  2. Each of the "pillars" represents a key theme of the strategy. Each pillar is 3 "stories" tall.
    1. The top story is the theme itself. A strategy typically has 3-5 themes. Less than 3 and the strategy will lack definition. More than 5 and it may be too complex for most people to get their heads around easily. Most importantly, though, the themes should be interrelated and mutually reinforcing rather than completely independent.
    2. The second story is the goals that make up the theme. What will success look like for that theme?
    3. The ground story is the initiatives which will deliver the theme. How will you do it?
  3. The foundation of the house is your shared corporate values.

Because is a repository-based tool, the mission statement, themes, goals, initiatives and values are the same ones that appear all the other frameworks and models in the tool. And, of course, you can click on any of them to provide more detail, link them to other elements of your strategy, and discuss them with your colleagues.

Empty Strategy HouseStarting a Strategy House for a new project:

If you add a Strategy House to a new project it will create a blank canvas inviting you to click on any element to start adding the detail. (An empty house, ready for you to move your strategy into!) This makes it a great tool for starting a new project for an existing strategy - you'll have captured the bones of your existing strategy in in next to no time. And then you can build it out from there.

Sorting element on the Strategy House:

  • You can sort the columns by dragging and dropping the Theme names at the top of each column.
  • You can sort Goals and Initiatives within the columns by dragging and dropping them.
  • You can sort the Shared Values by dragging and dropping them.

Video Demonstration:

Watch a short video demonstration of the Strategy House.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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