Getting started with StratNavApp

The usual place to start your strategy is by understanding your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and threats you face, and your competitive environment.

All of the tools for doing this are to be found under the Analysis tab in

For a quick yet comprehensive start to your strategy analysis you could build a:

  • Business Model Canvas: identify and describe the key elements that make your business work - a great starting point for more detailed analysis.
  • PEST analysis: identify the Political, Economic, Social and Technological forces shaping your industry.
  • McKinsey 7-S analysis: identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as any inconsistencies in your capability across the 7 key dimensions of Shared Values, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills and Strategy.
  • SWOT analysis: we'll pull all of the above together for you in a simple yet effective SWOT analysis, summarising your Strengths, Weaknesses, together with the Opportunities and Threats you face. You can add any you think we've missed.
  • Strategy Canvas: then you're ready to start thinking about your competitors, and how they stack up against the factors you think your customers take into consideration when choosing your product or service. We'll pull all of this information together for you in an attractive visual Strategy Canvas which show how you differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

Why not give it a go RIGHT NOW, and start doing better strategy, one decision at a time?

There are plenty of other tools under the Analysis tab, which we'll leave you to explore at your leisure.

Don't forget to invite your team members to join you at StratNavApp so that the can enhance and comment on your strategy analysis in our collaborative environment. Simply click on the Projects Tab, then Edit next to your project. Follow the instructions and we'll take care of the rest.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please select "Feedback & Support" on the right of the screen and then click "Contact support" for further assistance.