Collaborating across time zones

Discover how StratNavApp streamlines global collaboration across various time zones, enhancing strategy execution and team coordination effortlessly.


  1. The challenge of working across time zones
  2. How it works in

Image of Time Zones selector in StratNavApp.comThe challenge of working across time zones

You may be developing and executing business strategies by collaborating with people across multiple time zones.

This is increasingly common as global co-operation increases, and video-conferencing technology makes it even easier.

This can present numerous challenges, particularly when:

  1. Scheduling meetings with people in different time zones.
  2. When clocks change in different countries at different times of year.

StratNavApp facilitates this by presenting date and time information in each user's local timezone.

For example, if you're in London and you have a meeting with a colleague at 2 pm local time with a colleague in New York, you will see the meeting as being at 2pm whereas your colleague will see the meeting as being at 9 am.

How it works in

  1. automatically detects each user's local timezone.

    It gets this setting from your browser, which in turn probably got it from your computer/device. Of course, this presumes that your computer/device and browser have been correctly set up in the first place.

  2. You can check, confirm or change your local timezone on the Account Settings page.

    This may also be useful if you're travelling, or move locations. Simply revisit Account Setting and adjust the timezone yourself.

If you've not already done so, check your Account Settings now.

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