Meet the Team

Headshot of Chris Fox

Chris Fox, Founder and CEO

Chris has been helping organisations to develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies for over 25 years.

He founded out of a frustration at how inefficiently and ineffectively strategy was developed and executed in most organisations, and how poor the tools that strategists had to make do with were.

Advisory Board

Headshot of Barry Eustance

Barry Eustance

Barry is the founder and principal at The Sixsess Consultancy, a change and transformation practice with consultancy expertise in Aviation, Industrial Relations, Strategy and Trusted Advisory.

Barry is Kotter Advanced Change Leader Certified, CMI Chartered (ChMgr MCMI) and has a CMI Master's Level Diploma in Professional Consulting.

Headshot of Paul Nathan

Paul Nathan

Paul is the founder and principal at Triad Advisory, and is a consultant, coach and non-executive chair.

Paul specialises in helping institutions and their leaders develop strategy, scenarios and depth thinking. He is an experienced strategist and COO with board-level expertise in fund management, institutional investment and higher education. is a trading name of Chris C Fox Consulting Limited.