Create high-quality strategy plans in Microsoft Word

Once you've built your strategy plan in, you can generate high-quality plans in Microsoft Word at the push of a button.

Not every strategy needs every model or framework - will include only those that you've actually used. In addition, you can select which sections of your plan to exclude and include each time you generate a document.

  • Email some or all of your plan to a colleague who you've not invited to collaborate in developing it.
  • Archive a version of your plan on your content management system.
  • Print or PDF some or all of your plan.
  • Ensure your documents are always consistent and based on best-practice.
  • Automatically generate a table of contents (may require a Word field refresh).

Rest assured that whenever you generate a Word document, it will always contain the most up-to-date version of your strategy. No more worrying about which copy is the latest one.

Corporate clients: you can request branded reports which include your logo and brand colours.


  • You can also output your plan in HTML or StratML format.

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