Working with Insights and Insight-based models

Learn how Insights work behind the scenes to make the SWOT, McKinsey 7S, Porter 5 Forces and PESTEL models work.

The SWOT, Porter 5 Forces, PESTEL and McKinsey 7S models are all supported by the same set of Insights. The Insights appear on each of the models depending on the settings you give to each. The models appear (or disappear) on your Strategy Board as long as there are any Insights which are marked to appear on them.

Insight Setting and Models

  1. All Insights appear on the SWOT analysis. 
    • Insights that are marked External appear on the SWOT as either Opportunities if they are marked Positive, or Threats if they are marked Negative.
    • Insights that are marked Internal appear on the SWOT as either Strengths if they are market Positive, or Weaknesses if they are marked Negative.
    • You can filter insights on the SWOT model by level of impact. Simply click the filter icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Insights appear on the Porter 5 Forces analysis if they are marked External, and the Porter's Five Forces drop-down is set to anything other than 'select'.
  3. Insights appear on the PESTEL if they are marked External, and the PESTEL domain drop-down is set to anything other than 'select'.
  4. Insights appear on the McKinsey 7S if they are marked Internal, and the McKinsey 7S drop-down is set to anything other than 'select'.

StratNavApp takes care of most of this behind the scenes for you as you work with the different models.

Creating Models

You can access the SWOT, Porter 5 Forces, PESTEL or McKinsey 7S models by clicking on "Insights" on the Strategy Board, or selecting Analysis -> Insights on the main menu. Select which of the models you want to use on the Selector at the top of the screen. You may need to click the + (plus or add) option on the selector if the model you want is not shown.

A model is considered to be 'created' as soon as an insight is added to it.

When you create an insight, StratNavApp uses linguistic analysis in order to attempt to categorise it and place it on any models where that categorisation suggests it belongs.

Deleting Models

To delete any model, you have three options:

  1. Go into that model, and delete each insight which appears on it. You will have to click on them one at a time, and then click the 'trash can' icon at the bottom of the Insight editor screen. Once the model is empty, it will stop appearing on your Strategy Board (until you add it again). If you do it this way, then the Insights will be deleted from all models, and may also cause those models to disappear from your Strategy Board.
  2. Go into each insight on the models and change its settings so that it will no longer appear on that model (as per the rules described above). Those insights will then disappear off the model in question, but still appear on any other models.
  3. Finally, you can leave the model on your Strategy Board, but exclude it from the MS-Word report. When you click on Reports, you will see there is a list of options to include in the report - simply uncheck the option for the model in question. In most cases, this would be the preferred option.

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