How #StratBot works for you

Our revolutionary #StratBot works tirelessly behind the scenes to help you develop and execute your business strategies.


  1. What is #StratBot
  2. What #StratBot does
  3. What #StratBot AI can generate for you
  4. How to ask #StratBot to generate something for you
  5. Setting #StratBot's Language

Image of a robot working on strategyWhat is #StratBot

StratBot is a revolutionary approach using contextual AI to help you to develop and execute your business strategies.

What #StratBot does

Our revolutionary #StratBot works tirelessly behind the scenes to help you develop and execute your business strategies.

  1. #StratBot Insight categorisation

    #StratBot uses machine learning to automatically categorise your strategic insights and place them in appropriate places on your insight-based models (SWOT, McKinsey 7S, PESTEL and Porter's 5 Forces).

  2. #StratBot Reminders

    #StratBot is constantly scanning your strategies for items which might need your attention. These could include anything from tasks, initiatives or meetings that come due, KPIs which need updates, notifications of changes made by your colleagues, or even just strategic insights that are overdue for review. #StratBot will list these on your Recent Updates page, as well as indicate them in the 'red dot' count at the top of the page, and even email you an update overnight (assuming you've not unsubscribed from emails).

  3. #StratBot Contextual guidance

    As you're working, #StratBot watches what you've done and what your doing and provides helpful suggestions, tips and best practice at the top of the screen. Just look for the green "i" at the top of the screen.

  4. #StratBot strategy generation

    Need a helping hand developing and executing your strategy? Look out for #StratBot offering to suggest things for you. Whether it's identifying trends on your PESTEL, identifying and analysing competitors,  tidying up your meeting notes, or even proposing goals, objectives, KPIs and initiatives #StratBot can help you get started.

    You should always treat #StratBots suggestions as just that:- suggestions. Use #StratBot as a brainstorming partner, to help you with a first draft, or just to see if it can come up with anything you might have missed. But do make sure you apply your own personal knowledge, experience and judgment, and that of your team.

    Important: #StratBot uses the information you enter about your organisation(s) and strategies to assist you. In the case of #StratBot strategy generation, this requires #StratBot to share some of this information with OpenAI/ChatGPT. You will be warned before this happens and have the option not to use this feature.

    Access to #StratBot strategy generation may be limited depending on your user plan. You can find out more at Payment Plans.

Don't worry if #StratBot isn't perfect all the time. After all, it's only AI. And you can always correct it when needed.

What #StratBot AI can generate for you

StratBot can generate draft or strawman suggestions for:

Remember that the quality of what #StratBot can generate is determined by the quality of what you've already added to your project. The more detail you add across the Strategy Board, and the higher the quality of that input, the better suggestions #StratBot will be able to generate.

How to ask #StratBot to generate something for you

There are two ways to ask #StratBot to do something for you:

  1. Sometimes, #StratBot will use its contextual guidance to suggest what you might ask it. When that happens, just click the "Ask #StratBot" link immediately below the contextual guidance.
  2. StratBot iconOther times, you may see a #StratBot icon (see to the right), usually towards the top right of the page. You can hover your mouse pointer over it to see what you can ask #StratBot to generate, and then click on it to get #StratBot working for you.

Setting #StratBot's Language

We appreciate that different people in different parts of the world have slightly different language preferences.

Whether you spell it organisation or organization, analyse or analyze, strategise or strategize, labour or labor is up to you.

You can tell #StratBot what you prefer and it will take that into account when generating answers for you.

Simply go to Account Settings and set your Language Preference to either British English or American English.

See also:

  • For AI-enabled help on how to use this system, see #StratNavi

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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