How #StratBot works for you

Our revolutionary #StratBot works tirelessly behind the scenes to help you develop and execute your business strategies.

  1. Help using

    Our #StratBot ChatGPT-based chatbot is trained on all our blog and help articles. So it knows exactly how to go about developing and executing strategies in Simply click on the #StratBot icon at the bottom right of the page and ask away.

    NB: Whilst #StratBot's chatbot knows everything about, it doesn't know anything about your particular organisation, industry or strategy. So it can only answer general questions about how best to use the tool. But don't worry, #StratBot is able to use what you tell about your business, industry and strategy in all of the other ways listed below.

  2. Insight categorisation

    #StratBot uses machine learning to automatically categorise your strategic insights and place them in appropriate places on your insight-based models (SWOT, McKinsey 7S, PESTEL and Porter's 5 Forces).

  3. Reminders

    #StratBot is constantly scanning your strategies for items which might need your attention. These could include anything from tasks, initiatives or meetings that come due, KPIs which need updates, notifications of changes made by your colleagues, or even just strategic insights that are overdue for review. #StratBot will list these on your Recent Updates page, as well as indicate them in the 'red dot' count at the top of the page, and even email you an update overnight (assuming you've not unsubscribed from emails).

  4. Contextual guidance

    As you're working, #StratBot watches what you've done and what your doing and provides helpful suggestions, tips and best practice at the top of the screen. Just look for the green "i" at the top of the screen.

  5. #StratBot strategy generation (Enterprise users only)

    Need a helping hand developing and executing your strategy? Look out for #StratBot offering to do it for you. Whether it's identifying trends on your PESTEL or identifying and analysing competitors, #StratBot can get you started.

    NB: This may require #StratBot to share some details about your organisation, industry and strategy that you've entered into the platform with ChatGPT 4.0.

Don't worry if #StratBot isn't perfect all the time. After all, it's only AI. And you can always correct it when needed.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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