Using Meetings

In most organisations, meetings play an important role in developing and executing strategy. So, naturally, you can manage them right here in

You can create meetings in the Control Quadrant of your Strategy Board. For each meeting you can:

  1. Add attendees. These can be individual Stakeholders or Committees. (See also: How to create a committee.)
  2. Add a meeting title.
  3. Set a date, start time and duration for the meeting.
  4. Add a venue.
  5. Write an agenda and minutes.
  6. Link directly to the decisions made, actions raised, and risks and issues reviewed.

There are also features for:

  1. Generating agendas and minutes in Microsoft Word (in case you need to send them to other participants who are not directly linked to your project in
  2. Enter our handy "Run Meeting" mode.
  3. Discuss the meeting in Notes (on the right hand side of the screen as it is for most things in

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.