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1. Generate

Develop and execute strategy using the most popular strategic frameworks.

2. Collaborate

Share projects with your colleagues and see each other's updates.

3. Access

Access all of your projects from any computer or tablet you can connect to the Internet.

Manage all 4 stages of Strategy Development and Execution in one place


Generate strategic insights using the most popular strategy frameworks, such as:
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • The McKinsey 7S Framework
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Porter's 5 Forces
  • SWOT Analysis
  • The Strategy Canvas
  • The BCG Matrix
  • Value Chain
  • Scenario Development


Express your strategy clearly in terms of:
  • Vision, mission and values.
  • Strategic goals, objectives, KPIs and targets in each of the 4 perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard.
  • "Strategy House" communication device.


Plan the steps you need to take to execute your strategy:
  • Balance your key initiatives across the 3 Planning Horizons.
  • Plan for growth using Ansoff's Matrix.
  • Manage your initiatives through the evaluation, prioritisation and approval cycle.
  • Agree costs and benefits, relative to your goals.
  • Build your Execution Roadmap with a Gantt View.
  • Map your initiatives against your goals to confirm alignment and completeness.
  • Test your initiatives against your scenarios for robustness.


Make sure your strategy delivers the intended results, or make adjustments where required.
  • Track your KPIs on a graphical Scorecard.
  • Feed the results back into your analysis.


Govern the development and execution of your strategy effectively:
  • Use a RAID Log, including a Risk Matrix.
  • Manage your Stakeholders.
  • Plan and record Meetings.

Don't rely on ad hoc processes and general-purpose office software for your business strategy.

Join the #StratTech Revolution.

Access your projects from anywhere, on any device

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Payment Plans

Standard Premium Enterprise
Price: Choose your currency: 
£10 per month (GBP) per user Contact us
Number of projects Up to 3 No limit No limit
Number of users per project Up to 5 No limit No limit
  • Business Model Canvas, PESTEL, 5-Forces, 7S, SWOT, Strategy Canvas, Pareto, BCG, Scenarios, Value chain
  • Insight filter
  • Scenario builder
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Goals, Objectives and KPIs
  • KPI Targets
Up to 3 per KPI No limit No limit
  • KPI Actuals
Up to 12 per KPI No limit No limit
  • KPI Correlations
  • Strategy House
Planning: Initiatives, Timeline/Roadmap/Gantt, 3 Horizons, Ansoff Matrix, Approval Stage Gates, RASCI, Scenario and Goal Mapping, Status Reporting
Results: Strategic scorecard
Governance: Stakeholders, Meeting Management, RAID log and Risk Matrix
Search: Your strategy content as well as our blogs about how to use the system and how to develop and execute business strategy Within one project at a time Within one project at a time or across all projects Within one project at a time or across all projects
Personal Calendar and Actions: See all your meetings and actions across all your projects.
Calendar Integrations: Add strategy meetings from to your calendar.
  • Google Calendar
  • iCal for Outlook
CRM Integrations: Integrate with your existing CRM system
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign
Web Clipper: Bookmarklet for snipping content from the web.
(first 3 months only)
LinkedIn Integration: Access stakeholders directly from their Linkedin profiles.
(first 3 months only)
Autosave Interval: Make sure your work is never lost, even if you lose connection. 60 seconds 30 seconds 10 seconds
Generative AI: Let our #StratBot generate suggested content for you to review and edit.
File Vault: Upload and link files and images where they belong. Includes Microsoft SharePoint integration.
API integrations: Connect your existing systems to
MSWord Reports: Generate reports at the click of a button. Standard Template Customisable Template Customisable Template
StratML ouput: Part 1 and Part 2
Support by Zoom
Payment methods Credit card Credit card or UK invoice branded output
Advertising supported (using Google Ads)
(after 3 months)


Free (forever)

  • Up to 3 projects.
  • Up to 5 users per project.
  • Analysis: Business Model Canvas, PESTEL, 5-Forces, 7S, SWOT, Strategy Canvas, Pareto, BCG, Scenarios, Value chain.
  • Direction: Vision, Mission and Values; Goals, Objectives and KPIs; Up to 3 targets per KPI and up to 12 actuals per KPI.
  • Planning: initiatives, timeine, 3 horizons, approval cycle, RASCI, initiative goal matrix and initiative scenario matrix.
  • Search: within one project at a time.
  • StratML output: parts 1 and 2.
  • Web clipper: bookmarklet for snipping content from the web (first 3 months only).
  • MS-Word reports generate reports at the click of a button. Standard template only.
  • Advertising supported using Google Ads (after 3 months).
Currency: Choose your currency: 


£10 per month (GBP) per user

Everything in the Standard plan, plus:

  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Unlimited number of users per project.
  • Analysis: insights fileter and scanario builder.
  • Direction: unlimited KPI targets and actuals. Strategy House.
  • Search: within one project at a time or across all projects.
  • Personal Valendar and Actions: see all your meetings and actoins across all your pojects.
  • Calendar Integrations: add strategy meetings from to your calendar for Google Calendar or iCal for Outlook.
  • MS-Word reports: customisable templates.
  • Support by Zoom.
  • Payment methods: Credit card.
  • No advertising support.


Contact us for pricing.

Everything in the Premium plan, plus:

  • File Vault: upload and link files and images where they belowng. Includes Microsoft SharePoint integration.
  • API integrations connect your existing systems to
  • Payment methods: Credit card or UK invoice.
  • Calculate KPI correlations.

We also offer a range of services providing you with as much or as little extra help as you need.

Used by over 400 organisations in 115 countries.

What our customers say

Before strategy is fragmented across many versions of disconnected documents and relies on individual people's understanding and bureaucracy to keep it all together.


After strategy is structured and internall consistent, allowing for automation and AI, and freeing people to focus on higher-value-add activities.


Watch this video recording of one of our live "Introduction to and Overview of" sessions to learn more about how can help you:

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