Turning your strategy into action

Planning your strategy execution with StratNavApp.com.

It doesn't matter how good your strategy is - if you don't take action, nothing will happen!

StratNavApp.com helps you plan the strategic initiatives you need to deliver your strategy. For each initiative, you can describe the costs and benefits, as well as estimate the intended start date and likely duration.

StratNavApp provides multiple different views of your initiatives:

  1. The Gantt Chart view shows a familiar timeline of your initiatives, which also indicates how confident you are in your estimates.

  2. The 3 Horizons view helps to ensure your strategy contains the right balance of things you need to do to fix and maintain, to grow, and to transform the business.

  3. Ansoff's Matrix helps you to categorise and better understand different types of growth initiatives.

  4. The Idea Funnel/Kanban view helps you manage your ideas through the approval cycle, from initial consideration, through proposal, approval and execution, to completion.

  5. The Goal/Initiative Matrix lets you map your strategic initiatives against your strategic goals, and identify any gaps.

  6. The Scenario Matrix allows you to map your strategic initiatives against your future scenarios to improve their robustness.

  7. The RASCI Matrix allows you to ensure you've involved and deployed the right people in the right strategic initiatives.

  8. The Status Report allows you to stay on top of progress in delivering your strategic initiatives.

  9. The Costs Forecast projects your next 12 months of expenditure on strategic initiatives.

To help you manage your initiatives, you can also add stakeholders, meeting records, risks, actions, issues and decisions to each. To help keep you on track, StratNavApp will send you and your team alerts at key stages of the delivery of your initiatives.

StratNavApp.com will ensure that your Initiatives remain consistent across all of those different tools.

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