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  1. To use as a To-Do list:
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  3. Other advantages of using as your to-do list

Calendar and makes for a great To-Do list, helping to ensure that everything you do always remains focused on your strategic priorities.

You can create Actions and attach them to just about any element in (see Creating and linking actions to other elements of your strategy).

You can link a single Action to multiple elements.

You can assign Stakeholders, such as People to Action, give them Due Date, and add notes to them as they progress.

The Actions can be things you need to do to develop or execute your strategy.

To use as a To-Do list:

  1. Add yourself as a Stakeholder in your project.

    Important: Make sure you add the email address you use to log in to as the email address for this Stakeholder record.

  2. Go to any element in your strategy and create an action for it with yourself as the Responsible Stakeholder.

    See Creating and linking actions to other elements of your strategy for how to do this in a single step. Or, you can create the Action, then click on it, and then add yourself as a Stakeholder (i.e. two steps instead of one).

  3. Repeat for as many elements and Actions as you want.

  4. Open up your Stakeholder record (Click Governance on the main menu, then Stakeholder, then People, then click on your name) - this will list all the Actions assigned to you as a Stakeholder.

    You can do the same for any other stakeholders, too.

    You can toggle on/off whether you want to see all Actions, or only those Actions which you have yet to complete.

  5. You can also view your Personal Actions list (if you're a subscriber) - click on your name/email at the top of the main menu, then select Personal Actions.

    This will show all actions assigned to you across all your projects in (See Personal Calendar and Personal Actions for more information.)

  6. will automatically remind you when Actions pass their due date if they've not yet been marked as complete.

Top Tip

Want to use to keep track of Actions outside of your business strategy?

If it's worth doing something about, it's worth approaching strategically. Simply create "strategies" (projects in for other areas of your life that are important. For example, I have "strategies" in for my Personal Health and Fitness as well as for Our Family. I use those to keep on top of what's important (and why) and ensure I give it the right amount of priority. (Who wants to be just a work-a-holic, right!?) Personal Actions list allows me to see all of my Actions in one place - both work and personal - enabling me to prioritise my time even better.

Other advantages of using as your to-do list

  • Everything is logged, so you have a record of who created the action and when, who changed it and when, and who marked it complete and when.
  • You can assign Actions to yourself and/or to other Stakeholders, using the RASCI framework roles.
  • You can start an email to all the Stakeholders associated with an action at the click of a button (see Keeping your stakeholders in the loop).
  • You can quickly find actions associated with specific people directly from your email programme, using our handy Stakeholder bookmarklet.

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