Keeping your stakeholders in the loop

Keeping all of your stakeholders in the loop is vital. makes it a snap!

At the end of the day, strategy is developed and executed by people and for people. It's a collaborative process.

We call these people 'stakeholders'. That's because they have a stake in doing the work and in reaping the benefits.

And so, it's incredibly important to keep them in the loop at every stage in the journey. Sometimes they need to be consulted. Other times they need to be informed. At all times we're aiming to get and keep them aligned.

Fortunately, makes that incredibly easy.

You can associate stakeholders with almost every component in Insights, Goals, Initiatives, Actions, Decisions, Issues, etc.

And you can define stakeholder's role, depending on the context:

  • You can use the RASCI framework to define them as Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, to be Consulted, or to be Informed.
  • You can define them to be a Performer or a Beneficiary.
  • And you can give the stakeholder's role a title and add explanatory text.

Stakeholders can be people, organisations, or groups of people and/or organisations.

Keeping all of your stakeholders in the loop can be challenging. But with its a snap.

Wherever you've listed people as stakeholders, allows you to send them an email at the click of a button. Simply click on the "Email All" button (the one with the envelope-shaped icon) for that list.

Provided you've entered all of the emails, will fire up your email client and prepare a draft email. It will be from you. It will be addressed to each of the listed stakeholders (other than yourself, of course). And the subject will be prepopulated with the title of the strategy element they're all linked to.

You can, of course, add and remove recipients from the email and change the subject. But it's better and quicker to edit than to start from scratch.

If you haven't already captured your stakeholders' email addresses, will give you a chance to do so before preparing the draft. And then it will remember them for next time.

It's just one of the many little ways makes developing and executing business strategy that much easier.

Of course, another way you can keep your stakeholders in the loop is to invite them to collaborate with you directly on You can learn more about sharing your projects here.

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Updated: 2022-05-29