Use good Governance to keep your strategy on track

Make sure your strategy is successfully developed and executed with's governance features.

Figures vary, but some suggest that as many as 90% of all strategies are never executed. helps you to ensure this won't happen to your strategy:

  • Stakeholders can be used to track the people, organisations and groups of people and organisations that are involved in or impacted by your strategy in any way. (Learn more.)

  • The meeting minder allows you to record who attended what meetings, what was discussed, and critically, which Insights, Initiatives, Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions were raised and discussed with which stakeholders at which meetings. (Learn more.)

  • The RAID log functionality helps you to record, agree and manage the key Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions as you execute your strategy. StrategicLearningApp will email you reminders when Actions fall due, or Risks and Issues are due for review. You can assign stakeholders for each to ensure accountability, using the familiar RASCI framework. (Learn more.)

All of this governance functionality can be linked directly back to the insights, goals and initiatives to which they relate ensuring your strategy remains joined up from start to finish.

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Updated: 2023-08-19