Analysing Product and/or Service Portfolios

Some businesses sell just one product or service. Many others sell more than one.

For business which do sell more than one, can help you to analyse their product or service portfolio using:

  • The BCG Matrix - you can learn more about BCG Analysis here.
  • Pareto Analysis - you can learn more about Pareto Analysis here.

For each product, you can give it:

  • a name,
  • a description, and
  • if it is a:
    • Legacy Product: a product or service the organisation no longer sells, but for which it may still have maintenance, service or warranty obligations,
    • Current Product: a product or service the organisation currently sells, or
    • Future Product: a product or service the organisation is considering or planning to sell.

You can then specify its:

  • Market share: the amount of this product or service this business sells as a percentage of all similar products or services sold by all businesses within this business market.
  • Market growth rate: the rate at which the market for this product or service is growing, expressed as a percentage.
  • Contribution: the total revenue less direct expenses earned by this product within the last reporting period.

Market share and market growth rate are used for the BCG Matrix. Contribution is used in the Pareto analysis.

You can also:

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