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Maximise your startup's potential with's proven 3-phase approach. From pre-launch planning to post-launch growth, we guide every step.


  1. PHASE 1 - Validate
  2. PHASE 2 - Build and Launch
  3. PHASE 3 - Run

Building a StartupStarting a new business is one of the most exciting and difficult challenges you can undertake.

Unfortunately, most new businesses fail. Data from many regions shows that 80% of new companies are no longer on the company's register after 5 years. provides everything you need to take your startup from its initial idea to a thriving business.

Follow this simple 3-phase approach to increase your chances of success.

PHASE 1 - Validate

Before you start building - let alone launching - your startup, you want to do as much as you can to validate that your business will be a success.

  1. Build your Lean Canvas and Customer Value Maps:
    1. Identify the problem your business will solve, who it will solve it for, and how.
    2. Our introductory video will show you exactly how.
  2. Share it with your co-founder, mentor or other trusted advisers:
    1. Let them provide you with feedback directly in the tool.
    2. Alert them to changes you make in response to their feedback.
  3. Validate your business idea:
    1. Identify all areas of uncertainty on your Lean Canvas and the actions you will take to reduce those uncertainties.
      1. Click on each and select "Add related actions" from the "Do Next" panel at the bottom.
      2. Capture and add the steps you need to take to reduce the uncertainties identified.
      3. You can also click on the actions, once added, and add who will do them and by when (optional).
    2. As you execute those actions:
      1. Plan, execute and record the outcome of customer, supplier and other interviews with's meeting manager.
      2. Capture the insights you gain, and which reduce (or not) the uncertainty as strategic insights linked to the elements on your Lean Canvas.
        1. Click on the item on your Lean Canvas and select "Add related insights" from the "Do Next" panel at the bottom.
        2. Capture and add the insights you've gathered.
        3. You can click on each insight once you've added it to add more detail.
  4. Rinse and repeat the above steps until your idea is validated and you're ready to start building.
    1. Our integrated meta-model will help you ensure everything remains consistent as you make changes.

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PHASE 2 - Build and Launch

  1. Convert your Lean Canvas to a Business Model Canvas
    1. The common information from your Lean Canvas will already be completed on your Business Model Canvas, and the system will always keep the two in sync.
    2. Simply fill in the additional information required.
  2. Build your business:
    1. Plan everything you need to do to transform your business from idea into reality. Since your business is a startup, you will need to make plans to build or acquire everything identified in your Business Model Canvas.
      1. Click on an item in your Business Model Canvas, select "Add related initiatives" from the "Do Next" panel and add the initiatives required to build and launch your business. Click on each initiative to:
        1. Add the specific actions you will need to take. Allocate them to different people as your business grows.
        2. Add the costs you expect to incur. (Speak to suppliers to get cost estimates if necessary.)
    2. Start executing your initiatives, marking actions and initiatives as complete as you go.
    3. Track progress and get alerts when things aren't going to plan with's Status Report.
  3. Adjust your plans as you learn more:
    1. Again, our integrated model will help you ensure everything remains consistent as you make changes.

PHASE 3 - Run

  1. Watch your business grow from strength to strength:
    1. Build a strategic scorecard so that you can monitor the uniquely important metrics for your business in one convenient place.
      1. You will already have identified some of these on your Lean Canvas.
    2. Our purpose-designed format will make it easier for you to spot issues early.
  2. Evolve your business as the world changes around it:
    1. Your business may work now, but the world will change and you'll need to change with it.
    2. Monitor important trends and understand their impact on your business.
    3. Evolve your business in a controlled way.

The process above outlines the simplest route to validating, launching and running your new business. is packed with additional useful tools which may help to improve your chances of success. Feel free to explore them as you go. Remember, there is contextual help available on every screen in, and our #StratNavi AI Bot is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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