Simplified Navigation

A quick run-down of StratNavApp.coms menu navigation structure

The hierarchy below provides a simplified explanation of the basic navigation of and where you can find things, focused on the main/left-hand-side menu:

  1. Account menu (your name or email address)
    1. Personal Calendar: all your meetings across all your projects (Premium and Enterprise only)
    2. Personal Actions: all your actions across all your projects (Premium and Enterprise Only)
    3. Yourself: a link to the Stakeholder/Person record for yourself in the current project.
    4. Change Password
    5. Account Settings, including integrations
    6. Email Subscriptions
    7. Log Off
    8. Account type, upgrades and cancellations
  2. Project Menu (the name of your current project)
    1. Project Details
    2. Share this project
    3. File Vault: for attached/linked files (Enterprise only)
    4. API Keys for API integrations (Enterprise only)
  3. Strategy Board: a short-cut back to the Strategy Board for the current project.
  4. Analysis
    1. Business Model: Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, EnhancedBusiness Model Canvas and Porter's Value Chain.
    2. Strategic Insights: SWOT, McKinsey 7-S, PESTEL, Porter 5-Forces.
    3. Competition: Competitors, Factors of Competition, Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas
    4. Portfoliow: Products, Boston Consulting Grid (BCG Matrix) and Pareto Analysis.
    5. Scenarios
  5. Direction
    1. Mission and Vision Statements
    2. (Shared Corporate) Values
    3. Balanced Scorecard and Goals (including Goal RASCI) and leading to Objectives and KPIs.
    4. Strategy House
  6. Planning
    1. Strategic Initiatives
    2. Gantt Chart
    3. 3 Horizons
    4. Kanban / Idea Funnel
    5. Goal Matrix (Goal/Initiative Matrix)
    6. RASCI (Strategic Initiative RASCI)
    7. Ansoff Matrix
    8. Status Report
  7. Results
    1. Strategic Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard Perspectives, Goals, Objectives, KPIs, targets and results)
  8. Governance
    1. Stakeholders: People, Organisations and Groups of People and/or Organisations
    2. Meetings (and Calendar View)
    3. RAID: Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions
  9. Reports and StratML
    1. Generate reports in HTML, Microsoft Word or StratML format.
  10. Projects:
    1. Switch to any of the last 5 projects you've accessed
    2. View/switch to any project you have access to.
    3. Create a new project.
  11. Copy page link to clipboard: for pasting into a formatted entry box or into any other software (mail, Word, Powerpoint etc.) that supports links.
  12. Print: print a simplified version of the current page (without menus/navigation and some active components)
  13. Blog: view an index of our help articles.
  14. About: find out about

If any part of this text is not clear to you, please contact our support team for assistance.

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Updated: 2023-09-12